Mission Statement: The Marlborough Community Coalition is an association of residents, businesses, and partners for our diverse and historic neighborhood that serves to promote the neighborhood as a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant community by | engaging residents, institutions, and businesses | finding innovative solutions to entrenched urban problems and misconceptions | utilizing housing, green space, and the arts as core revitalization approaches, and | advocating for equitable treatment and resources. Together, we are Marlborough.

Our History

Marlborough's history tells the larger story of Kansas City’s growth, decline, and pursuit of community-building.
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Check out what’s happening in Marlborough.
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Together we can make a difference in the success of our community.
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Welcome to Marlborough

A vibrant neighborhood in southeast Kansas City.

For the last ten years, the Marlborough Community Coalition, a 501(c)(3), has worked hard to bring positive change to the neighborhood. The current focus on linking partners and stimulating new grassroots leadership will continue to strengthen the momentum of the area for years to come. From arts to urban gardening, the community hosts a number of exciting opportunities to get active and involved. Explore this site, and find ways to get engaged! At the end of the day, it takes all of us…residents, businesses, educators, and civic leaders to work together to achieve a common vision.

Upcoming & Recent Events

June 9, 2018 - 10:00 AM

Artzpalooza 2018

The Marlborough Community Coalition believes that youth and young adults
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Marlborough Community Coalition

Making Marlborough a better place to live and work. Boundaries: Gregory - 89th Street; Troost - Bruce R. Watkins 71 Highway
Marlborough Community Coalition
Marlborough Community Coalition8 hours ago
All the latest news & updates! Check out this month's newsletter...
Marlborough Community Coalition
Marlborough Community Coalition2 days ago
Sweat it out this weekend, at our Marlborough Workday! We need your help!
Marlborough Community Coalition
Marlborough Community Coalition6 days ago
Looks like so much fun! Thank you 5th & 6th District Council Members!
Marlborough Community Coalition