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Join us for monthly Community Meetings, the fourth Tuesday of each month (January-November), 6:30 p.m. at the Catalyst Center (1809 E. 80th Street). Each month, we share updates, news from the many organizations that serve Marlborough, information from KCMO, and more. Meet your neighbors, and find out what’s going on in Marlborough! Have something to present at an upcoming Community Meeting? Please contact us at least seven days prior, by emailing diane@wearemarlborough.org.


We’re taking an intentional look at all things housing related, from code and zoning violations, to Abandoned Housing Act rehabilitation opportunities, sharing home repair assistance opportunities, tenant rights, to plans for the future - the Marlborough Community Coalition is developing an inclusive housing plan that seeks to improve the quality of the housing stock while maintaining a mixed income, racially diverse community. Learn more at http://kcclt.org/. Task Force Leader: Becca McQuillen


The Coalition works closely with the KCPD Metro Patrol, KCMO's Nuisance Business Task Force and other City departments with regulatory and incentive programs finding ways to make Marlborough safe for all. We believe connected neighbors are critical to safe neighborhoods and we'll be exploring options for a block contact/block captain program.


Check out the various Pocket Parks around Marlborough! Or, stop by the Marlborough Village Commons, located on Paseo in the Marlborough Village. But wait, there’s more. We work together every spring and fall for a neighborhood-wide Clean-Up Day. And, the City of Kansas City, Missouri has invested $40 million in green infrastructure projects throughout Marlborough. From the Nature + Play Area at 81st and Troost, to the new Rachel Morado Park, our neighborhood is green and growing. Task Force Leader: Tonya Slavens


Every day, we’re working together to make Marlborough a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant neighborhood. From partnering with a local Food Pantry, to mobilizing community gardening, even approaching housing and crime as health issues…the Coalition is creating a community of health in south Kansas City. Task Force Leaders: Diane Hershberger


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas. See the beauty in Marlborough. And, celebrate with us at the next annual Marlborough Youth Arts Festival, scheduled for May 2020 in downtown Marlborough. Task Force Leader: Jensie Culton, Jeph BurroughsScanlon


It’s a great time to do business in Marlborough! We’ve got a downtown Village streetscape that’s ready for your business. And, we’re working to connect our local business owners. Task Force Leader: Jeff Primos

The Marlborough Community Coalition is a non-profit association of residents, businesses and partners working to ensure this diverse and historic neighborhood is vibrant, healthy and sustainable.


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