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Join us for monthly Community Meetings, the fourth Tuesday of each month (January-November), 6:30 p.m. at the Catalyst Center (1809 E. 80th Street). Each month, we share updates, news from the many organizations that serve Marlborough, information from KCMO, and more. Meet your neighbors, and find out what’s going on in Marlborough! Have something to present at an upcoming Community Meeting? Please contact us at least seven days prior, by emailing [email protected].


We believe that quality, affordable, safe housing is critical to a healthy community. Driven by a Housing Task Force, the Coalition works to support homeowners and landlords to maintain and improve the quality of the houses and apartments in Marlborough while maintaining a mixed income, racially diverse community. We share resource information including home repair assistance, tenants’ rights, sidewalk repairs, codes, and zoning. An Urban Renewal Area was created for a portion of the neighborhood in which property taxes can be frozen for 10 years with qualifying improvements. With the assistance of pro bono legal services, we pursue housing rehabilitation opportunities through the MO Abandoned Housing Act. We launched the Marlborough Community Land Trust to develop housing that will always remain affordable for first time homebuyers.
Task Force Leader: Becca McQuillen


We believe that connected caring neighbors, stable and affordable housing, adequate essential household resources, and accountability for nuisance properties and businesses are essential elements of our public health and safety strategy. A Community Interaction Officer from the Kansas City Police Department’s Metro Patrol participates in the Coalition’s monthly Community Meetings to listen to concerns, share information, and answer questions. The Coalition also works closely with Metro Patrol officers, community groups, the city’s Nuisance Business Task Force, and other city departments to promote crime prevention strategies, identify trends, and address hot spot situations.


There are 40 acres of amazing city parkland to enjoy in four Marlborough locations. A 2-mile Greenwalk connects three locations that include natural features designed to slow down and clean storm runoff. We are in planning stage of creating on-going opportunities for neighbors to care for and expand the uses of Marlborough’s green spaces. A Green Space & Beautification Task Force maintains the Coalition’s pocket parks.
Task Force Leader: Tonya Slavens


Every day, we’re working together to make Marlborough a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant neighborhood. From partnering with a local Food Pantry, to mobilizing community gardening, even approaching housing and crime as health issues…the Coalition is creating a community of health in south Kansas City.
Task Force Leaders: Diane Hershberger


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas. We believe that understanding and celebrating the art and culture of our neighbors, past and present, is essential to building an inclusive, vibrant community. The Coalition sponsors an annual youth arts festival. A team of neighborhood artists are tackling blight and speeding on residential streets through the Marlborough Flowers Project. There are five public art installations in Marlborough. An Arts & Culture Task Force meets monthly.
Task Force Leaders: Jensie Culton, Jeph BurroughsScanlon


We work to create supportive conditions for businesses that offer retail services desired by Marlborough residents, especially small businesses, and businesses of all sizes that are interested in being involved in positive neighborhood change. For example, with qualifying investments, the Marlborough Urban Renewal Area allows business owners along Troost (from 75th to 95th) and in Marlborough Village (Paseo from 79th to 82nd) to freeze their property taxes for 10 years. A special zoning overlay in Marlborough Village and a streetscaping, traffic calming construction plan are pedestrian friendly features the Coalition advocated for to be attractive to pedestrian – oriented retail businesses. A Coalition – business partnership program is under development.
Task Force Leader: Jeff Primos


Block Ambassadors are homeowners or tenants who love living in Marlborough. Ambassadors connect people on their block so they can look out for the welfare of each other, the safety of children playing outside, and the protection of everyone’s property. They may plan, or recruit a group of neighbors to plan, activities such as block parties or walking groups to build connections between neighbors.

Ambassadors also share information about community events and ways to become involved in the various initiatives of the Coalition.


The Marlborough Community Coalition is a non-profit association of residents, businesses and partners working to ensure this diverse and historic neighborhood is vibrant, healthy and sustainable.


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