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A vibrant neighborhood in southeast Kansas City.

For the last ten years, the Marlborough Community Coalition, a 501(c)(3), has worked hard to bring positive change to the neighborhood. The current focus on linking partners and stimulating new grassroots leadership will continue to strengthen the momentum of the area for years to come. From arts to urban gardening, the community hosts a number of exciting opportunities to get active and involved. Explore this site, and find ways to get engaged! At the end of the day, it takes all of us…residents, businesses, educators, and civic leaders to work together to achieve a common vision.


The Marlborough Community Coalition is an association of residents, businesses, and partners for our diverse and historic neighborhood that serves to promote the neighborhood as a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant community by engaging residents, institutions, and businesses | finding innovative solutions to entrenched urban problems and misconceptions | utilizing housing, green space, and the arts as core revitalization approaches, and | advocating for equitable treatment and resources. Together, we are Marlborough.


Every day, we’re working together to transform our community. Check out what’s happening..


The Marlborough Community Coalition is developing an inclusive housing plan that seeks to improve the quality of the housing stock while maintaining a mixed-income, racially diverse community.

Crime & Safety

The Coalition works closely with the KCPD Metro Patrol, KCMO's Nuisance Business Task Force, and other City departments with regulatory and incentive programs finding ways to make Marlborough safe for all.

Green Space & Beautification

We work together every spring and fall for a neighborhood-wide Clean-Up Day. And, the City of Kansas City, Missouri has invested $40 million in green infrastructure projects throughout Marlborough.

Community Health

Every day, we’re working together to make Marlborough a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant neighborhood. From partnering with a local Food Pantry to mobilizing community gardening.

Arts & Culture

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas. See the beauty in Marlborough. And, celebrate with us at the next annual Marlborough Youth Arts Festival.

Economic Development

We're supporting the growth of businesses and connecting local owners. Looking to build? It’s a great time to do business in Marlborough! We’ve got a downtown Village streetscape that’s ready for your business.

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Join us for monthly Community Meetings, the fourth Tuesday of each month (January-November), see our Facebook Page for details.


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The Marlborough Community Coalition is a non-profit association of residents, businesses and partners working to ensure this diverse and historic neighborhood is vibrant, healthy and sustainable.


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